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Rats and vermin and sahuagin, oh my!
Session 2

Having cleared Jocasta’s of spriggans and assassin vines, our merry band of adventurers headed towards Maroc to see what they can dig up. Once they entered town, eagle eye Murdyk noticed an increased militia presence roaming the streets, quietly announcing their presence without looking like a military occupation force. They were on the streets after some recent killings and increased thug activity.

Jocasta lead them to War’s Spears a shop run by Sorechara Warspear full of all your adventurer needs. Murdyk attempted a dwarven greeting only to be rebuffed by the sarcastic dwarf. While shopping, 6 ROUSs entered the building from a previously unseen hole the wall. Further investigation found they were likely stored outside the building with most of the wall weakened to allow the ROUSs to gnaw through the rest. No sign of a perpetrator was found, much to the party’s dismay.

Sorechara explained that recently a solicitor going by ‘Warm’ had come by twice offering to buy the shop at a lowball offer. The last visit included a veiled warning. Several other shopkeepers in the area also had met with the solicitor. All had received lowball offers, but none reported any threating comments or implied threats like Sorechara had. After purchasing a few odd goods, the party started back to Jocasta’s. Now with 3 additional members.

On the way there, they stopped by several nearby plantations close to Jocasta’s. None reported any actual deaths, but one fellow noted someone missing. It could have been someone who just left or they were murdered. But the fat man didn’t seem to care either way. He was more interested in the ladies present. His plantation had some small, plantlings present which were cleared easily.

The part returned to Jocasta and began adventuring beyond the borders trying to find more clues to the spriggans and shocker lizards. Having located a small trail, well hidden on the edge of the plantation, the party, now called Puff Puff Pass, followed it several miles from Jocasta’s. They found a clearing which had several ROUSs with bonus giant centipedes. More digging through the area, Puff Puff Pass found a large seawater filled hole.

After inspection, the party fought 2 sahaugin with tridents who came out of that hole. After dispatching then as chum in the water, Izagani and Agoza dove into the water and found it went down well over 100 feet to an expansive chamber with a long tunnel, presumably to the sea.

In searching the surrounding area, Puff Puff Pass found what they believed to be the spriggan’s hut, big enough for four spriggans. Inside was a bag with gold coins, 3 seashell objects and several high value pearls. The coins appear to be from the underwater Sahaugin kingdom.

After some discussion, Puff Puff Pass has decided to make a treehouse fort on the site of the spriggan hut. Jocasta graciously has allowed 10 of his plantation workers to help build the treefort and gather raw materials right from the forest itself.

Notable NPCs Of Maroc

In Maroc, there’s the local mayor, Serie Ore (female, human).

Felaney Ecass (female, half elf) owns the dockside tavern you folks were in.

Nose Lano (male, dwarf) is a known thug type creep.

Riseta Iria (male, human) is the richest merchant in town. He is perceived as polite, but above most everything. He has people for ‘that’.

Jocasta (male, elf) owns the plantation.

Jac and Bobbob (male, humans) are the lead plantation hands on Jocasta’s plantation. Not the brightest bulbs, but loyal and honest.

Sorechara Warspear (female, dwarf) is a gruff snarky shop keep. She owns War’s Spears in town, the best adventuring gear shop in town.

Jocasta and the Fields of That Was Waaay Too Murdery
Session 1

Agoza, Murdyk and Izagani were in the dockside tavern in Maroc when a local plantation owner Jocasta, came in desperate to find people willing to do night shift security in the fields after 4 of his workers were found dead, hanging from trees. After pleading table to table, he offered 15gp for a week’s worth of security duty. Agoza managed to negotiate for more.

On the way out of town, 3 thugs ambushed the party. They recovered 4 potions believed to be cure light wounds, 2 acid flasks, 2 smokesticks, 2 tanglefoot bags, 2 short swords, a short spear and a shiny greataxe claimed by Izagani. Additionally there were 4 other unidentified potions and 84gp.

Reaching the fruit plantation before evening, the group took in a meal and found a campsite near a section of the field where the bodies had been found. They investigated the 4 different locations and readied to take watch for the night.

At the sight of the most recent body, they encountered 2 shocker lizards in the trees. An unusual find for a normally marsh dwelling magic lizard.

Further patrols found the party chasing down a group of spriggans, nasty fey creatures who can turn into large sized nasties on a whim.

Finally, the group located mature assassin vines with mean punches and some entangling abilities. After weed whacking, and taking some severe blows, Agoza, Murdyk and Izagani prevailed.

The next morning, the group recovered and took Jac and Bobbob, Jocasta’s lead farmhands, as well as additional workers out to the fields and began the process of clearing several immature assassin vines out of the plantation.

The last working theory proposed that the spriggans were planting the assassin vines and brought in the shocker lizards to push out the workers from the fields, but there wasn’t any clear evidence on why they did this.

Free stuff

Additional free things for character creation:

Everyone gets a free Swim. You can sink additional skill point there if you want, but you get 1 free for living on an island.

Character creation info

Basic sheet start up:
We roll them stats. 4d6, reroll 1s. Honestly, I don’t care how many sets of 6 you roll to get the numbers you assign on your sheet. But if you roll 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 6 and want that array, that’s the one you take. No mix and match from various sets of 6. It does mean you’ll have a bit higher power level and I can adjust as needed. :)

Start at 1st level. Max starting gold.

Hit Points: Max plus CON bonus

Books: All Paizo are good. 3PP is OK, I reserve the right to read something I don’t know before we play it. If after we run it through it’s paces and find it’s not working in the campaign (over powered, completely broken or whatever) it’ll be removed, but you can replace it with something else no problem.

Basic house rules: I’m by no means a perfect GM nor do I have Core, APG, et al memorized. So if we can’t find it in a book, we’ll figure something out and go from there. I tend to err on the side of the PCs but remember if something benefits you now, it could benefit NPCs/monsters later.

Buying/Selling stuff: I was never a fan of the 50% rule. So buy mundane things at book cost. Fancier stuff (if available, like magic, masterwork or similar) goes at book plus 10%. To help everyone, you sell at 80% book cost.

Traits: Everyone gets 2 Traits to start. If you find a Golarion specific trait that you want, I can help rebrand it to fit this world.

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