dead game

Jocasta and the Fields of That Was Waaay Too Murdery

Session 1

Agoza, Murdyk and Izagani were in the dockside tavern in Maroc when a local plantation owner Jocasta, came in desperate to find people willing to do night shift security in the fields after 4 of his workers were found dead, hanging from trees. After pleading table to table, he offered 15gp for a week’s worth of security duty. Agoza managed to negotiate for more.

On the way out of town, 3 thugs ambushed the party. They recovered 4 potions believed to be cure light wounds, 2 acid flasks, 2 smokesticks, 2 tanglefoot bags, 2 short swords, a short spear and a shiny greataxe claimed by Izagani. Additionally there were 4 other unidentified potions and 84gp.

Reaching the fruit plantation before evening, the group took in a meal and found a campsite near a section of the field where the bodies had been found. They investigated the 4 different locations and readied to take watch for the night.

At the sight of the most recent body, they encountered 2 shocker lizards in the trees. An unusual find for a normally marsh dwelling magic lizard.

Further patrols found the party chasing down a group of spriggans, nasty fey creatures who can turn into large sized nasties on a whim.

Finally, the group located mature assassin vines with mean punches and some entangling abilities. After weed whacking, and taking some severe blows, Agoza, Murdyk and Izagani prevailed.

The next morning, the group recovered and took Jac and Bobbob, Jocasta’s lead farmhands, as well as additional workers out to the fields and began the process of clearing several immature assassin vines out of the plantation.

The last working theory proposed that the spriggans were planting the assassin vines and brought in the shocker lizards to push out the workers from the fields, but there wasn’t any clear evidence on why they did this.



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