dead game

Notable NPCs Of Maroc

In Maroc, there’s the local mayor, Serie Ore (female, human).

Felaney Ecass (female, half elf) owns the dockside tavern you folks were in.

Nose Lano (male, dwarf) is a known thug type creep.

Riseta Iria (male, human) is the richest merchant in town. He is perceived as polite, but above most everything. He has people for ‘that’.

Jocasta (male, elf) owns the plantation.

Jac and Bobbob (male, humans) are the lead plantation hands on Jocasta’s plantation. Not the brightest bulbs, but loyal and honest.

Sorechara Warspear (female, dwarf) is a gruff snarky shop keep. She owns War’s Spears in town, the best adventuring gear shop in town.



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