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Ierendi: A south tropical island nation, made of many islands. You start in a town north of Port Shires on the west side of Ierendi Island called Maroc. It’s not fancy, small town of about 1000 people. People here are mostly here because it’s a port town. There’s constant traffic to and from the docks and the trade roads head south to Port Shires or north and around the island.

Maroc is a small town coping with large town problems. 10 years ago, Port Shires was devastated by a hurricane. Pirates and raiders finished what Mother Nature couldn’t. What’s left is a shell of its former self. This left little Maroc as the closest westward port open and ready to accept the constant trade from the mainland. Crime increased, gangs run neighborhoods and the local government hangs on mostly from monetary support from the trade barons in the capitol looking to keep ports open.

The island nation is run by a figurehead monarchy, elected each year. The last twenty years worth of elections have proven to be mostly the decision of the trade barons of the island nation. Kings are more or less selected to win. The real power lays with the wealthy families that control the shipping companies and lanes in the seas around Ierendi.

Travel on and around the island is either by boat from side to side or following the trade road around the edge of the island. Many caravans have tried to cross over the mountain range. Few ever made it to the other side intact. Survivors told stories of lost cities high on the peaks in ruins or campsites being ravaged in the night. The semi-active volcanoes frequently belch lava and cut off once usable ravines with freshly filled in rock. Old legends speak of a ‘Fire God’ living in Mt Kikapua who when angered threw his children from the crater at the top to land as a formless destructive beasts in the jungle below.

Ierendi is a tropical island with weather similar to Hawaii. Along the coast and lower areas, the weather is generally warm year round with frequent rainfall. There are no desert on the island but as you wander further inland and up mountain the forests get slightly more temperate until they give way to green space then mountainside scrub. In the winter times, the tops of the mountain peaks along the spine of the island can get snow covered but it melts away each year with the spring.

The industrial base of Ierendi focuses on more island specific areas as expected: fishing and tropical fruit plantations, fishing vessel construction and lumber. Commercially, Ierendi has a vigorous trade system of ports on its islands pulling items from the island and the mainland and sending it across the seas. Items from around the known world are widely available. More specialty items are also available either from local crafters or merchants with wide ranging networks from far reaches.

The people of Ierendi are a mash of ethnicities. There is a small population of native Ierendi islanders who were assimilated several hundred years ago by explorers from the Minrothad Guilds to the East. Most of the population has roots from the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, the Minrothad Guilds, the Republic of Darokin and the Empire of Thyatis.

Main Page

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